Friday, March 30, 2007

Now, with bangs!

Now, with bangs!
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Now I hope the days of having snot all over her hair are mostly over.

Mind you, the bedhead makes it look a bit less tidy, but it doesn't look half bad, considering my scissors were more dull than I remembered.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Photos, Y'all

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I've uploaded and labeled more photos, so check 'em out.

Other news: more talking, but I can't keep up with her vocabulary any more. She's apologizing frequently these days, I think because she thinks that she'll get what she wants (regardless of the laws of physics) if she just apologizes. I have no clue where that came from.

I gave Gaz her first sorta haircut today. I have given up on ever getting her to wear barettes to keep her hair out of her face, so I gave her something like bangs, kinda. I'll have to get some pix tomorrow.

Gaz and Proton are fighting over her fairy wings lately. Buncha weird creatures living here these days.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

All About the Words

These days, it's words, words, words. New words, words used in fun new combinations, you name it, Gaz is doing it. We're starting to get more real sentences and words used more appropriately, which is the coolest. Gaz has sucessfully identified emotions in books and her Baby Einstein DVDs ("sad" is pretty easy, and she's always excited to point out happy faces). She's much better about indicating what she wants to eat accurately (not just saying the nonsensical "no," but requesting specific foods). It's all a blur of life getting simultaneously easier and more complicated. But hooray for words!

She still can't say "grandpa" so both grandfathers are "Papa"--Mark's dad is "Papa Pen" because he always has a pen or two in his shirt pocket and my dad is "Papa Dog" because he's got a big fluffy dog at home. Her little brain is the greatest.

Then there's the singing. She really loves "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and she's started singing along (more with Mark than with me, but she likes to show off for Mama sometimes). She also likes "Ring Around the Rosey," particularly the "ashes, ashes" part. Oh, and the falling down part. Good times.

She looks like a tiny person these days, not just a giant baby. It's cool. One of these days I'll upload more pictures. But first, sleep!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

(Not the Wiggles!)

We did Wiggleworms twice this week since we had some make-ups to work through. Yesterday was the regular class, and all kids were NUTS! It must have been the very nice weather. Gaz and Bella played and danced and giggled like adorable little maniacs before class started, and then all the hippos went berserk, as the story goes. Everyone was rambunctious, but no one freaked out too much.

Today's class was with Miss Tisa in a much larger room. There was a little boy her age to run around with, and run they did! During class Gaz hovered near Tisa and tried a couple of times to play the guitar and looked like she was about to sit on her lap once or twice. This class was at 11, an hour later than our usual class, and if I ever needed confirmation that the time I picked was the ideal time for her, I got it today. She was a bit more intractable than usual, and lied down on the floor in frustration several times. But otherwise she was fine. She went around to all the adults, patting them on a shoulder as if she was a little hostess checking on her guests. She hugged many of the kids, including one little girl she then accidentally nocked down. But no tears, so all good. She was really insistent that everyone put their shakers away as soon as Tisa got the box out, taking maracas and tambourines from the other kids and throwing them in the box as fast as she could. She really loves bubble time.

Anyway, after lunch there was the inevitable "I'm waaaay too tired" meltdown, so I think we maybe should shoot for an earlier time for the next make-up. I doubt we'll ever find one open at 10:00, so it'll probably end up being an early morning for us to get to a 9:00 class. Not having to deal with Gaz crankiness will be worth it, though.

Monday, March 12, 2007

New Annoying Tricks

Fake crying, complete with hands over the face, full-body heaving "sobs," and, if you're lucky, collapsing in a dramatic heap on the floor. Oh, it's a wonder!

And everything is stinky. Cat? Stinky. Dinner? Stinky. My breast? Stinky. Flowers? Stinky. If it can be sniffed by Gaz, it will surely be pronounced Stinky.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I forgot to mention. . .

Gaz is counting to five now. And this morning she said "dipee" when I was changing her out of her overnight diaper.

And then last night she wanted to practice washing her hands after her bath, so I pulled a chair over to the sink. We also practiced spitting, since one day she will have to move up to floridey toothpaste.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

How Time Has Flown

I can't believe it's been so long since I last blogged. Well, we've been busy, at any rate. And for once, the busyness doesn't include a virus!

Let's see. . . Gaz milestones. . . She can say all kinds of words now, including: please, sorry, thank you, horse, cow, pig, monkey, tall, sheep, and much, much more. You can actually have a conversation with her now. The mind boggles. The cutesy words continue on (especially bocky and yogi), but otherwise her enunciation has greatly improved. Of course, she still needs her translator with her as much as possible (this would be me), but she's pretty good at directing listeners toward what she wants. Like her crayons. She knows where they are and can even open the drawer now, so even if you didn't know she was saying "colors!" you would eventually notice the drawer packed full of crayons and paper of various kinds. She's a smarty.

Stairs are another big leap forward, as she can now walk up them with relative ease, instead of just crawling up them. She's pretty good with a banister or wall to steady herself, and even going downstairs has dramatically improved in the past week. Well, when she's in a mood to cooperate.

Gaz has also learned some fun things like running around while screaming and waving her arms (this is what I do to get her to chase me and now she does it when I say that I'm scared she will fall off of whatever it is she's climbing on), making dinosaur claws and yelling "RAWR!", and staggering after people with her hands held out before her, demanding "BRAINS!" (well, in Gazese it comes out "BAINS!" but that's good enough. She's our little zombie in training.

And now she's dumped all her toys out on the floor when it's ten minutes 'til bathtime, which segues into bedtime. Eeeesh. Back on duty.