Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seven Random Things

To give you an idea of what today has been like so far:

- Gaz enjoys wearing nothing but some pull-ups and sunglasses while running around the dining room table singing "Jingle Bells."

- Gaz says that The Velveteen Rabbit is full of "nothing but bills" when she flips through its pages.

- Gaz has a yellow dump truck named Daddy Truck and a small blue and red garbage truck named Baby Truck, and me giving these trucks voices is more important to her than me scheduling a doctor appointment.

- Gaz says "Every time I ask, you say 'be patient.'"

- Gaz likes chichimilk, but Baby Truck prefers gasoline. Gaz still offers chichimilk to all of her toys, just to be polite I guess.

- Loves teeny tiny mints, but will eventually cave to demands that she eat a meal composed of real food before she can have one.

- Yesterday Gaz ran off with one of my bao, talking to it and cradling it for most of our train ride home from downtown until it was nice and cold, which was when she suddenly decided to eat half of it and give the rest back to me.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

welcome to my nightmare

Gaz was following me around the apartment this morning, as she usually does. I went to set something down in the kitchen, but when I turned around she wasn't there. I thought she was playing in her bedroom, but no, she wasn't there. I called for her and the reply came from down the hall . . .

She was standing on the bathroom vanity, having climbed up there with nothing more than her death-defying nerves and a boost from the toilet. Fortunately I contained my shock well enough that I didn't startle her into a fall.

She's also just figured out how to use her pretty pink Ikea stool to open the top drawer on the entertainment center (the one where we keep her crayons and makers).

Now we are well beyond the stage where we can keep her from doing scary and/or destructive things by simply making them unavailable. Now we have to hope that she listens to the things we tell her. This has worked pretty well so far for the knife drawer, but that doesn't have anything fun in it. I don't know how we're going to deal with the markers yet.

I'm never going to sleep again. Not until she's forty.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby Tracks

The sheets we have on Gaz's bed (yes, the bed she never sleeps in) have stripes that are covered with various abstractish flowers. Yesterday she said that these were clearly baby tracks, and so we followed the baby tracks for a while. We never found those mysterious babies, but maybe next time we'll run into one.

We've been watching some of those old Hanna-Barbera Godzilla cartoons (you know, the ones where not only is Godzilla really helpful and nice, he also comes to the rescue at the push of a button, even when his pet people are cruising along the Nile) which we found on DVD. Gaz and I were enjoying some popcorn while we watched one of these cartoons and Gaz happily shouted "Godzilla save the day!" while she rubbed her nose. But she wasn't actually rubbing her nose. She was shoving an unpopped popcorn kernel into her nostril. She let me know there was a problem, fortunately, before she managed to jam her finger in her nose again, so I was able to fix the problem without any trouble or ER visits. Gaz gave me a big hug and declared, "Mommy, you save the day!"

A few mornings ago, Gaz followed me into the kitchen when I went to make my morning coffee. "Mommy, I hungry," she said, so we opened the refrigerator to have a look. I asked if she would like some cheese and held out a piece for her to consider. She threw her arms around my leg and squealed, "Mommy, you my hero! You my favorite color!" So score one for the mommy and the cheese.

The early incarnation of Gaz's storytelling, I understand it, is very popular among our Wisconsin friends. The current version goes something like this: "(Ahem) Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome home! And now I tell you a story. Once upon a time a girl walk down the street. The end!"

A bit o' digital housekeeping now: I just rearranged the Flickr photos, breaking out each of Gaz's years-in-pictures into their own sets. The link to the right >> should take you to her current year, with the pictures arranged newest first, so there's no long loading and scrolling to do to get to the new stuff. A thousand apologies for not doing this a long time ago. Believe me, I have just suffered aplenty in the tendon to get these spiffified. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Gaz to her new cow toy: "Cow, I have something to tell you. Godzilla knock over buildings."

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snow Angel

Snow Angel
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New photos are up!

This update brought to you by old Godzilla cartoons on YouTube.

Happy New Year!

We've got plenty of snow here, which meant that the whole family went out to play in the snow yesterday. Our landlords were awesome enough to let Gaz borrow a sled, so we pulled her around the back yard until we were ready to collapse. There were snow angels and many attempts at snow balls, and Gaz threw every piece of ice she found. I don't know what the ice throwing was about, but she especially likes that. There are pictures, but I haven't done anything with them yet. It was still snowing while we were out and the screen was always getting obscured by new flakes, so I just took a bunch. I'll sort through them today if Gaz cooperates. Now for the New Year's Day hodgepodge:

Mark: We're having Hoppin' John for dinner so we have good luck in the new year.
Gaz: I LOVE Hoppin' John!
Gaz takes a big bite of beans
Gaz: What Hoppin' John mean?

That was dinner. After dinner she was perpetual motion girl, due to a long nap that afternoon. We played with a squeaky bug pull toy that plays music:

"Everything falling down!
Bridge falling down!
Trees falling down!
My fair lady!!!" (Trying to sing "London Bridge")

"Berry chocka, berry chocka. . . That funny word!" (Trying to sing "Frere Jacques")

Last night we were reading "The Poky Little Puppy" she started reciting part of it--over and over and over again and then cackling "I did it! Hehehehehehehehe!". I was not allowed to finish the story, and then she went looking for dragons in the bedroom.

I fell asleep last night while getting yon Gaz to sleep, so I have forgotten the other wacky hijinks I was going to blog about, but I'm sure they were picturesque and memorable. May all your wacky hijinks be picturesque and memorable this new year!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"Everything falling down!
Bridge falling down!
Trees falling down!
My fair lady!!!" (Trying to sing "London Bridge")

"Berry chocka, berry chocka. . . That funny word!" (Trying to sing "Frere Jacques")

Then tonight we were reading "The Poky Little Puppy" she started reciting part of it--over and over and over again. I was not allowed to finish the story. And now she's looking for dragons in the bedroom.