Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedding Gaz

So, this weekend, we're up north in Gurnee for Auntie Lis's wedding, and Gaz is Flower Girl, and she's intensely excited. Oh, and Mommy is co-Matron of Honor, as well, but that's incidental.

We came up yesterday, and were up really late. This after Gaz got up at the crack of early. But we got her some peanuts and snack food to carry her through until her late dinner, and she had pizza, which ended up all right.

Today, so far, we went to the hotel pool while Mommy went to get her hair worked on (about 7 or 8 hours before the ceremony, which seems weird and too early to me, but I'm not a bride or bridesmaid), then had a bath to actually CLEAN her, and then went out for lunch. She wanted Chinese, so we just drove around Gurnee until we found a Thai place, and Gaz said that would work just as well. Turns out the owner/operator of the place used to live in our neighborhood in Chicago, but moved north for better school districts when her kids got old enough to hit high school. We had a nice talk with her, and Gaz practiced her chopstick technique.

Now we're just hanging until Mommy comes home. It's pretty low-key, but we just worry about the major things, and frankly, the Flower Girl's preparation is only minimal. And me, I need no preparation, as I'm only audience.

So that's the weekend.