Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good Things

Yesterday was open house at Gaz's school. During the little introductory thing once all the kids and parents had gathered in the classroom, one of the things Ms. E. talked about was helping kids who don't understand their homework. We have a lot of multilingual households, so she specifically said that if the parents can't help with homework because of language barrier issues, to let her know so she can work out some extra help. She then went on to say that there was just that day a student who had problems with the math assignment, and they had worked it out to everyone's satisfaction.

Then Gaz showed me around. There are TONS of books, clearly well-loved, and they all have stickers on them with letters of the alphabet to indicate degree of difficulty, so Ms. E. can tell from across the room how intensive the reading is. I need to find a list like that, because it's hard from this angle figuring out what books are too hard or too easy.

Eventually, I got to speak with Ms. E. personally, and she had many nice things to say about my little monkey. That kid who had the math trouble that day was one of the boys who sits next to Gaz and she was the one who helped him figure out the problems.

I am a very proud mama.