Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Monday, July 16th, 2007

The day Gaz first said "I love you."

Granted, it was to Dipsy, but she said it of her own accord. By the end of the evening, I got her to say it to Mark, and this morning she said it to me.

It's more than wonderful, even if sometimes it takes some prompting.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Gaz had her first trip to Shedd Aquarium on Friday the 13th! I forgot to bring the camera along, but Uncle Greg and his Canon PowerShot stepped up to help out. So go enjoy his photos of a very pleasant and Gaz-amusing visit to one of our fine local institutions of cool and stuff.

And if anyone wants to give us a life-size plastic sea turtle, Gaz will surely be your best friend forever!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Update and Birthday Information

Life continues here, as it tends to do, with eating, sleeping, some conversation, and the odd tantrum over wearing pants.

Yesterday was one of those rare extra-good days. Gaz communicated more effectively than she ever has, using words appropriately and being more patient with her thick-skulled mama. She was also very good about playing (both alone and with me) and only got a little frustrated with a bowl. I still don't know what she was wanting it to do with it. I doubt she really knew either.

New word tricks involve instant apologies or apologetic hugs for things ranging from not listening to stepping on the cat to throwing food on the floor to lifting up my shirt. She's also been grabbing my hair today and saying "nice cut!" (I got my hair cut last month). Just a moment ago, she said "nice shirt!" tried to identify the color (she was pretty close), and asked if I liked her shirt. Colors and shapes are slowly being learned. Sometimes she's stubborn about colors. I'm sure there's a reason why red is sometimes "buh-loo" but I sure don't know what it is. It's hard to recall as I type exactly how she's been progressing because it's much less remarkable to hear proper English than it is to hear things like "pocky" and "bankie" and "bocky." I promise that the next time you see/hear her you will be suitably impressed.

Now for the birthday information: the local shindig will be on August 18th around noon. If you are interested, email me and I will get you to details. It'll be a barbecue sorta affair, and presents are optional. Mostly we want to have a good time with our nearest and dearest.

If you are in the gifting mood, however, keep you eyes peeled for an update to Gaz's Amazon Wish List (which hasn't happened yet, but will soonish). She's also really into Dragon Tales, and anything you can find for that show, be it books or toys, would be seriously appreciated. Of course, all that stuff is not currently in production, so any such items would be found on eBay. She also loves Thomas the Tank Engine, but since many of those toys have been recalled, I would suggest going with books if you're in a train mood. We have seriously had more than enough of lead worries in this house.

She's getting a bit better about book annihilation, so things like the Little Golden Books are okay now. We've got a TON of Dr. Seuss books already, so ask us before you buy any of those. We're still slowly easing into the longer books, which is kinda hit-or-miss. Sometimes she's patient, sometimes she's not. So shorter is still better, and board books would not be frowned upon, especially if the board books were of the Olivia variety.

It looks like it's time for a snack now, so I'm off.