Friday, April 30, 2010

Tantrums and Behavior

Gaz has been taking me to the park just about every other day. We have some friends we see there, and she always makes friends when she goes to playgrounds, anyway, but it's good to see some regulars.

What's interesting, though, is how she's been reacting to time to go. I usually have us rolling just before seven in the evening, but sometimes she kind of throws a fit. Sometimes I have to coax her out from under the playground equipment, and I almost have to pick her up and carry her away.

Other times, she's ready. Like, most recently, I said "we have an hour, and I'm setting my watch timer." So, when the last few seconds counted down, I held the watch near her, and when it beeped, she looked up, and immediately took off down the path toward home. Her playmate looked all confused, I had to shout after Gaz to have her say goodbye, and then she was booking it so fast, I had to chase after her.

I don't know why that is. Sometimes, she's ready to go, sometimes she's too engaged to want to stop what she's doing. I suppose that's true of anyone, but with a smaller child, the mechanics of it are so much more out in the open.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Star Wars Ice Cream

So, as we often do, we're talking Star Wars, and playing nonsense word games. And somehow, the conversation got to making a Chewbacca out of ice cream.

"And then you could eat all of him," she says, "especially his eyeballlllllssss!!!" She really drew that last word out. Then she pauses, and continues in a sprightly tone. "I tell ya, they're quite delicious."

Of course, if she had access to an ice cream Luke Skywalker, she'd eat his stomach. "I would destroy him and eat him!" she said repeatedly.

While trying to get into Blogger and tell you this, she would not stop pestering me. Even now, she is trying to lick my feet to gross me out (it's working!). But knowing that people on the internet are going to be reading what she's been saying, she wanted me to tell you all she wanted to eat your brains, because she's a zombie. And, like a real zombie, she has no shame about it.

That's my girl!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photos, Life, and Bloggy Help

I'm in the process of uploading many photos. Don't look now--it will probably take all night. I haven't labeled or tagged any of the pictures. Since it's been so long, I figured that people would just rather see them first, clever captioning be damned. So that's what you get.

My potentially exciting news, which I am still partly waiting on (very impatiently, as I was to have heard something in "late April," only we're just about out of April) is whether or not I'll be starting law school this year. If not, I am determined to get in next year. I'm on the waiting list, but I was hoping to have some kind of definite idea by now. (As it turns out, there might not be any definite idea until the start of the Fall semester, but I sincerely hope that I know one way or the other before then.)

Other than my schooling, I'm also having fits about Gaz's. The CPS is not really the most functional organization in the world. I applied to some magnet/cluster schools, but we're languishing on waiting lists there too. Registering at the local neighborhood school is also a frustration, as we can't accomplish that until August (when Gaz gets these two ridiculous vaccinations that the CDC doesn't even complain about until you're over six), and looking into after-school care (assuming that in the fall I will either be in school or seeking employment) at the community center has also been frustrating for many little reasons that don't bear whining about on the Internet. Suffice it to say that I feel like we're in a Joseph Heller novel, but with less war and more children and bureaucracy.

Which brings me to my final point alluded to in the title. Mark has finally consented to blog those little things that slip my mind before they can get posted. Gaz says some amazingly weird things constantly, but with all the LSAT preparations, I am not retaining the adorableness as eloquently as I once did. So hopefully you'll be seeing more frequent posts in the near future. Just as soon as he accepts the invitation. (Mark, if you're reading this right now, that's your cue to go click the link.)

And now it is way past my bedtime. Enjoy the pictures, once they're up!