Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gaz can

Eat my brains! At breakfast the other day I asked her if she wanted to eat more of whatever it was that was left on her plate. She replied, "No. Eat you brains!" So she walked over to me and make chewing sounds at my head. It was impossibly cute! The retelling does not do it justice.

Assemble a variety of not-too-complicated puzzles (she's doing pretty well with a US map puzzle that has the states separated into groups).

Open the cat accoutrement drawer, which until this week had been too sticky for her to open under her own power.

Speak in sentences. Decent sentences, some of them even complete and grammatically sound (unlike these).

Take off her diaper and yell "run around!" She's pretty much set for college.

She can do so many things. We talk often about all sorts of subjects, and I don't feel like a complete loony like I have in the past for conversing with a kid who couldn't speak yet. She's good. She's got her moments of furious shrieking that inspire me to find caches of patience I didn't even know I had, but for the most part she's a great girl. We've just come off a run of grandparent visits, and even with all the traveling and schedule upheaval, she's been more fun than not. I'm a lucky gal.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Third Year Firsts

As we embark upon Gaz's third year, we already have hit some firsts:

- First trip to the emergency room! While hanging out with some friends, one of said friends tried to give Gaz a piggy back ride by hoisting her by the arms instead of holding her up by the backside, and before anyone could say anything, Gaz was crying hysterically. We got her calmed down and I got to take a look, only for my prodding to set her off again, so off to the ER we went. It turned out to be nursemaid's elbow, which was resoved during the course of the x-rays. The even better news is that we know what to do now if it ever happens again. There may, of course, be weeping when we see the bill.

- First ponytail! On Sunday Gaz asked me to give her a "poky tail" and so I did. It's totally cute, but never lasts long. I got her to let me put her hair up again today, but it lasted just a few minutes. Maybe when she's got a more diverse audience this weekend she'll be more interested in the poky tail again.

- First photo taken mostly by Gaz! A picture of me and Sweetie. Mark helped by supporting the camera, but Gaz lined up the shot and pushed the button. It's pretty good, and one day in the near future, I'll upload that and other pictures.

- First monster movie! Mark showed Gaz Godzilla vs. Mothra: Battle For Earth, and of course she loved it. She now asks to see Mothra and the other monsters all the time, especially when Mothra emerges from its cocoon. She sometimes asks to see them fight, but she needs to cuddle with someone when that sort of thing is on the screen. It wasn't my idea to show her any movies like this, but it happened when I was out of the room.

Add to that more of what we've been seeing: more singing ("Go for G!" and "Twinkle Twinkle" and the alphabet) and much, much more talking. "What doing there?" is the new "Why?" in this house, and there is no end to how many times she can ask me "What Pooton doing there?" no matter how many times I explain "Proton is sleeping." Good times.

This week saw Gaz's two-year doctor appointment, and apart from her weight decreasing slightly (which we think is a normal correction, considering how off the charts she's been all along), all is as perfect as expected. She was such a champ for the doctor (and the med student and the nurse with the poky things) that she got a messy cupcake when we got home. She is now, apart from flu shots and any incidentals, done with needles until she's 4. Huzzah!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Seven Hundred Thirty-one Days

Right this minute Gaz is sitting in her new Radio Flyer wagon eating blueberries with her doll, Sweetie. I tried to get her a used wagon on craigslist, but the lady I connected with never did tell me where she lived or where to meet her. Then when Gaz got a healthy amount of birthday money, we just decided to go for one with seatbelts (considering how daring Gaz is, we probably should have planned on doing this from the beginning).

As I already noted, Gaz has been talking constantly. Every day now, we have an explosion of various magnitudes of new words and word combinations. There are so many new words, that I can't tell anymore if a word is in fact new or I was too overwhelmed with other words the last time she said a thing.

"My turn!" has replaced "Self!" as the new way for her to express her desire to do a thing by herself. She demands that it is her turn to do it herself for everything from cutting up a cucumber for a snack (which I don't allow, in case you were worried) to driving the car (also not allowed, in addition to being not possible) to brushing her teeth and combing her hair. Today she got dressed all by herself. Okay, she had a tiny bit of help from me: I straightened her shirt out so she could get her arms in the correct sleeves, and I helped her get her waistband over the bulky backside of diaper.

Now Gaz has moved on to playing in the wagon box. She's in there with a flashlight yelling "keep me!" Not sure exactly what that's about, but it's cute.

She's still singing and dancing all the time. She's still got her old favorites ("Animals! Animals animals ANIMALS!" and "Unicorns" and "Dinosaurs", which are all the same tune with different words) and some new ones too. The best one hasn't been repeated in a while, but I'm sure she'll sing it again soon. I've never gone on about infant excrement here and I don't plan on going on about the toddler variety, but we're going to get close to that subject. I promise it's funny, though.

The other day I was here at the laptop and Gaz was playing under the dining room table with some balloons. There is a fan on the other side of the table, so when an ill wind blew my way I knew who the culprit was. "Do you have a poopy* diaper?" I asked. "No, Mommy," was the initial response, but even before I could get down on hands and knees to coax her out I started hearing the new song: "Pooooooopy daaaaaaaahhhhhhhhper! Pooooooopy daaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhper!" I laughed myself stupid. The adorable babyish pronunciation makes it. And now let me share with you another song of hers:
Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, H
Twinkle, twinkle, what you are
W X Y and Z!
She's also obsessed with They Might Be Giants's album "Here Come The ABCs." She knows the names to most of the songs and has her favorites that she like to sing along with. "Go for G" is quite popular these days.

Now Gaz has filled her wagon with pillows and insists that she is sleeping. I have to go explain again that I can't join her in the wagon. I think this is just about all the new stuff. Except that she's got three of her two-year molars out and about. Still waiting on the lower right to make its entrance. Wooo!

Oh, and if you are localish and haven't received the e-mail about our local birthday party plans, drop us a line!

* I don't like using cutesy names for bodily functions, but I do make use of and advocate "poopy" as an adjective.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy Birthday, Gaz!

Birthday Morn
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Yesterday we closed out the year by experimenting with static electricity (sticking balloons to the undersides of tables) and talking up a storm. After I was reasonably sure that sleep was about to over take the wiggling, Gaz sat up in bed and began telling me about an episode of Dragon Tales. There was much talk of Eunice the unicorn and how she lost her glasses and how she had a race for baby unicorns, and how the dragons and Max and Emmy helped. . . It was wild to listen to her go!

And she wouldn't stop. I called in Mark so she could tell him about Eunice, and she continued to ramble on about all sorts of things (stuffed animals, eating people's brains) for about an hour, at which time I insisted that it was definitely time for bed and promptly fell asleep myself.

Today so far Gaz has refused to put on clothes and is eating some animal-shaped confectionery sprinkles because I am a fool and can't say no to sugar for her today. At least not when it comes in such cute and tiny shapes.

My head's a whirl today, but I'll post more about what the girl's been up to soon