Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So, Gaz's class wrote stories to put on the hall bulletin board. They were shown a picture of a guy blowing a bubble, and told to write about it. Most did a comedy thing, or a simple descriptive bit. Gaz's was longer than one sheet of paper, so they had to tape an extra couple of lines worth for her to finish. She's given me permission to transcribe, so here goes (as close to original as I can manage):


One day when the Doctor came of his bubble house and his wife Ly'shia had kissed him good-bye. He went into his TARDIS. When he looked around he noticed he was in a bubble a man was blowing! There were lots of bubble animals in there! They chased him all around until his house appeared on the scene. Then, it rolled away. It rolled faster and faster. The Doctor tried to catch up but it was too fast. It started bounding and in mid-bounce, he jumped in and was safe again. His wife was happy he was back because she needed help cooking. She was cooking his favorite soup. Then it was time for bed. So both husband and wife went to bed. The thing he didn't notice was there was something wrong with the TARDIS. Something was broken inside the time travel mechanism. Now it couldn't travel in time! When he did notice it took days to repair. His eldest daughter, Kelly helped him take it apart and his other children helped put it back together again. Then he went back to his quiet life.

I am informed that Ly'shia and Kelly are friends of hers, and the bubble animals were originally Daleks, but she had to connect them to the bubble picture.

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Niki said...

These 3 vignettes really made deep down belly laugh. Thanks for sharing. Hope your week gets better.